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The Annual Machol Dance Camp for 2013

with Yaron Malichi and El'ad Shtamer

Yaron is a veteran and experienced choreographer.

His dances populate densly the Machol repertoire, a proof of the quality and popularity of his dances at Machol and many other dance groups around the world.

Not only is he a talented choreographer but he is also an exciting dancer who can extract the best of his audience by his energetic and rhytmic dance style.

Yaron has a long list of exciting dances to his name- Malkat Hachatunot, Nochri, Ahava Zmanit, Ben Binyamin, Eheye Lach, Eifo At, Bocha Beseter to name just a few.

El'ad is a talented choreographer and teacher - those who have experienced his teaching will recall his focus on the detailed and descriptive aspects of his dances.

His dances have the originality and the beauty of a chreographer who takes his craft seriously with a vision to the future.
Elad is known to us for his dances - Ilan, Mekana, Bishvilcha, Rav Chovel, Fiesta, Lehitkarev, Ten La Et Halev Shelcha and more, and has won the Karmiel dance competition with his couple dances Yesh ba Mashehu and Cuchipe. Both are original and inventive.
El'ad is energetic and full of fun. We all remember how he entertained us last year, and left us wishimng for more.

At Machol we are extremely excited to host these two guys who also happen to be good friends.

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